Eufy Genie - Alexa Speaker for $20 on Amazon

I’ve ordered one to check it out. $20 is the best I’ve seen.

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No BT… No Drop-in…No Go…

I’ve yet to see any 3rd party Alexa speakers. Even the Tap doesn’t support drop-in. Fabriq don’t support drop-in.
Still 1/2 the ( nonsale) price for a Dot

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I got one for my son for XMas… not impressed. It’s unresponsive a good portion of the time and slow to respond the remainder. I believe all the traffic is routing back through Eufy servers and not Amazon (or in addition to Amazon). Regardless I will likely give it away and get an Amazon brand Echo Dot.


Yeah but it has TTS and BT so…

However, they are cheap so I am sure they will work for many.

Fabriq are also twice the price LoL

This supports dlna so should do announcements

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