Fabriq speaker $31.99 @ Amazon

$8 promotional discount applied at checkout


It has grown on me when hidden and plugged directly.


I grabbed 2 more to tuck away. For $30 they’re no brainers for TTS.

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Can they also do MP3 triggered by ST event?

I’ve done that via WebCore, playing MP3 from NAS, others have done playing MP3 from USB storage attached to router.

You need to have the correct path to access your MP3, of course.

Also TTS works very well/easily from WebCore, haven’t tried it from other apps.

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So how do these differ from an echo other than price?

These work as DNLA speakers you can call on from any source. Echo do not allow for calls from anyone other than Amazon skills.
I’ve never used the Alexa in the Fabriq, I’m too lazy to find & push a button. Well I think I did use it once when I set up the first speaker. I honestly don’t know how good these are for anything other than ST audio alerts, since that’s all I use them for in rooms I don’t have Samsung speakers.

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Could not help myself…another on the way for the bedroom. Specific “need” is announcements related to security (doors opening when they shouldn’t, fire/smoke, etc.), and for some playing of music from my NAS.

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The 2 from last sale went in the bedrooms for exactly that. Not sure where these 2 will go. I " don’t think" I need an announcement in the bathrooms that the door was opened. Then again it might be a good idea LoL.

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Dang…arrived today and was DOA…speaker sounded blown, must have gotten punctured or something during assembly.

Since it was off sale and I would have had to pay full price to replace it, I called and Amazon said they would add an $8 gift card to my account, so I can buy again and get the discounted price. Thank you, Amazon.

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They’re pretty good about that. Now you have me wanting to open up the ones that came in today to check them. I’ve still never seen the white light to indicate my first 2 have fully charged and it’s been 3 weeks, or thereabouts.

Hey not a bad guess, Del 11/28

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Yeah, given my experience you might want to open them. On the other hand, AFAIK, mine is the first post from someone who got a bad one.

I’m going to wait for it to go on sale again and that way I can pick one up for close to $20. :slight_smile: