FABRIQ Chorus $30 off @ Amazon

Now $69

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FWIW, I’d take these over the R1s yesterday. Ass-U-me-ing these are as good as their smaller siblings.

Yup - like these. Don’t know if this larger version is the same, but I have the smaller version and would only recommend that one if you are using them on a permanent power connection or for short battery only sessions. The battery dies very quickly.

Smaller ones are back down to $39 too. Too bad I still have 2 of the smaller ones from the last sale I haven’t figured out where to put.

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are you able to use drop in with these? or is that restricted to Amazon devices only?

Amazon devices only, and only the powered ones, not Taps. I use them as BT speakers and for ST announcements. We already have too many Alexa devices, but these are a good option if are one of those people worried about " her" always listening, since you have to press the button to turn Alexa on.

oh, so they aren’t always listening? Darn. Was hoping to move our Echo in the kitchen and replace with one of these so I could have ST announcements and hands free Alexa with one device.

Thanks for the info that the smaller ones are marked down again.

@RLDreams - Can you use them for BT and ST/DLNA at the same time? I thought you had to choose one mode or the other. Or do you mean you are using some of them for ST/DLNA announcements, and others for BT streaming?

I may be wrong. I know on the smaller ones you need to press the button, but some of the comments on Amazon sound like these don’t have that.

I mean I use them as DNLA during the day and I connect my phone to the one in the bedroom via BT to play the white noise from my phone at night.

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