Fabriq DLNA Airplay bluetooth speaker with Alexa $40

I had the same set up you do for a couple of years but I don’t think you need to set the airport to bridge mode if you connect it to the fios router via cable and turn off wifi on the fios router. I think you only need bridge mode if you extend a wireless network.

Right now I have a google wifi router connected via cable to an optimum moden where I turned off wifi and it is working with the speaker.

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If I remember when I hooked it up I got a double NAT error. But I can try again.

Yes, I’m using Media renderer (connect) to add my speaker device and set up tts notification based on an event. So far I only have one event but it has been very reliable.

Well I guess I will take a chance on it.

Just bought one, downloading the app.

It’s on sale for 40$ again. It’s a flash sale so won’t be long.

Not on sale anymore where I live. NJ USA

I just bought one at 1720 PST. It said lightning sale until 1800 PST with about 26% claimed.

Ends 9:10 ET on my page

I just got my Fabriq and it is set up with DNL renderer without any router changes. I decided to move my speaker to a different room, how do I change the room name from Master Bedroom to Office? I changed the name in the Fabriq app, but Media Renderer can’t find the new name. It has been running a long time still finds the old name but not the new one. Any ideas? I tried to remove the app and start again it throws an error.

I believe I renamed my speakers with the Fabriq app before setting up in
Media Renderer- have you tried adding the old one and then renaming the
device it creates in SmartThings after the fact?

Media Renderer device takes the current name in the time its added, then does not matter if you change the name in the speaker with fabriq app

Just change the name in ST in device Name.

OK I changed the device name in ST but Media Renderer still shows old name will it still work?

I’m still waiting for mine, I ordered it on March 3rd with that 10$ offer. It’s not even shipped yet.

So far mine is working, today is the big test. I didn’t change anything in my router as Airport doesn’t use UpNP.

Does anybody else’s make a slight static noise while it’s on? Mine gives a slight static feedback that you can hear if the room gets quiet enough. Is this common for this devices or do I maybe have a defective one.

I have 4 Fabriq speakers now, and haven’t noticed any static when not playing anything (which is most of the time). I am usually pretty sensitive to noises. Do you have the volume set at a high level? My speakers are plugged into USB power all of the time. Does the noise change on power/battery?

I have not heard anuy static yet.

Ya from the second I Truned it on it has a slight his. I’m going to assume that I have assuming broken one. Bummer.

Is there a wy to fix the No present label in the IOS App?