HomeSeer HSM200 - Apps to control different color for security

Background: Using DrZWave device type for this device, I can get all the 7 colors and, manually control them appropriately, especially from homeseer. My set up currently include a secondary controller (z-troller) with homeseer which integrate with my alarm system ELK M1. Actually, that is the only reason while I still need to keep my homeseer at the back end. I have an event in homeseeer which change the color of HSM200 depending on a specific alarm status For instance, when my Elk is armed away, HSM200 turn to margenta color, if the alarm is burglar tripped, the color turns red.

My need from SmarThings: To be able to activate event/app based on the color of HSM200. For instance, if the HSM200 color turns red, send me a txt that burglar alarm has been activated; if it turns blue (which it will be when the alarm is not on), send a message that the alarm is not on. et cetera. When I have tried to set this up using existing apps like the Smart Lights, Notify Me When etc, HSM200 is recognized only as a motion sensors and, not as LED and, therefore, I cannot take advantage of the different color to set up notification.
Is there a way to get any of the existing apps to do this? If not, could any of the smart people in the app writting world chime in and, say if this is possible and, if it is, any take on writting one?

I know this is a long post but I thought I need to provide a background to ensure my needs are wll understood.
Thank you all for your help.

I take a second look at “notify Me When” and, it will be perfect if it only recgonizes the different HSM200 colors. It only recognize on and, off and, there lies the limitations.