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Extra SHM mode options?

I think the reason most of your stuff is cloud based is because they probably use SHM Delay, and that is dependent on that virtual sensor which wouldn’t be a local resource.

We also need to remember it looks like SHM is completely rewritten for the new smartthings app. I don’t even remember seeing a way to setup a custom rule in the new app.

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As much as I want to take a look at the new app, I have not installed it because I’m concerned I will destroy my current setup or screw up my log in, plus I’ve not been informed to change. Is it safe to install both apps?

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Honestly I have heard many people swear up and down you shouldn’t, I think I probably screwed myself up a while agowithout realizing it.

The Samsung connect(new app) comes preloaded on many Samsung phones so I already had it setup and loaded without even realizing it. I also only really started to experiment once smartthings was brought to the Nvidia Shield with the Smartthings link adapter. Now I have jumped head first in with an ADT smartthings panel.

There are some very noticeable gaps with the new app. They are very obvious if you are use to loading custom stuff through the IDE. It does appear though that they are making good progress. Just a few days ago all of my ADT sensors starting reporting properly through the new app.

If you didn’t do it by accident I wouldn’t do it. It can be little quirky. If you do try it do as little changes in the new app as possible.

I’m hoping for a very slow implementation of Samsung Connect. Play Store states:
“This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”:weary:

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This whole thing has me concerned. What will work, and what will not? I have a hunch lots will not. ST says no everything will work for at least the near future. But ST seems to be in a rush to implement this.

I’m not sure what there is to be concerned about. Not yet at least.

ST staff members have said the classic app will stick around until there’s feature parity with the new app.

ST staff members Have also publicly said there would be a migration tool from hub V1 to V2, that the Bluetooth radio would be turned on, that there would be a USB dongle integration with 2016 Samsung smart televisions, that there would be local support for a button controller other than the minimote, And that the app would work with voiceover.

I know they always believed that when they said it, but none of that happened, and at this point I believe it when I see it. Just sayin’… :wink:

Fair enough. I’m not sure I believe them either. Not that I think they’re lying, just that clearly someone at Samsung makes decisions that end up overruling their best intentions.

I guess I mean, IMHO, there’s little point in worrying about something that may or may not happen, and we don’t have much control over anyway.

This all feels eerily similar to Gavin Belson’s Signature Box 3 from the HBO Series “Silicon Valley”

Should you not want to open the PDF, this is the text.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Hooli today announced plans to develop and launch its next
installment of their data storage Box series. The Box project will be known as the Gavin
Belson Signature Box 3. The Gavin Belson Signature Box 3 will replace the Hooli Box 1,
which remains one of the most successful hardware devices in Valley history.

Under previous CEO Jack Barker, Hooli had plans to release the Hooli Box 2, but due to
manufacturing setbacks and an overall failure of leadership, that project was
discontinued. Hooli has opted to move forward in the name of technological advancement
with the revolutionary Gavin Belson Signature Box 3.

While details and full specs won’t be unveiled until its launch, Hooli CEO Gavin Belson
says, “This isn’t your grandfather’s data storage box. The Signature Box 3 is the result of
my history of innovation, and Hooli’s refusal to play it safe.”

Example using new SmartThings Cloud API!

Groovy based coding officially not deprecated, but may lose access to new features, so it is bound to eventually die off.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Not sure what else we can do :man_shrugging:

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Or shift the paradigm. :wink: As you know, about a year and a half ago I changed the way I personally think about home automation. Now I look at it more like a mobile phone, as a service with a monthly cost (even if it’s just my own budget), and an expected payback period of three years for any individual device including the hub. So I assume things are going to change, then I’m going to have to pay for those changes, And I budget and spend accordingly.

It has proven to be way less stressful for me than trying to future proof everything. I buy what works today, I save so I can replace it eventually, and I don’t overinvest, either financially or emotionally, in any one technology.

I’m not saying it’s an approach that would work for everyone, but it’s been working well for me. :sunglasses:

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Totally agree. It’s been almost three years since I setup my v1 hub. I don’t like to think of anything I’ve setup with this hub (or other HA/IoT devices I’ve picked up that don’t integrate with ST) as an investment. If it all dies tomorrow, I’ll move on and salvage whatever devices I can.

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Thank you all for the responses, what a great community and support. I’ve been away for a few days and am only just catching up with this.

Yes I guess I could use another hub but as mentioned by JDRoberts this would lead to some issues as at present I see the home as one entity and like having singular reporting process etc, also to be frank given that my current set up does all I desire apart from this I was not seeking the expense nor reconfig needed for a second hub. I was merely asking if anyone had a similar issue and if they knew of a solution.

With regards SHM intruder detection, at present I am purely using internal home motion detection or door/window sensor changes . I do have a number of somewhat aged ( and hence limited configuration options/sophistication) Foscam CCTV set up which although they feed into ST I have the motion detection at a level where they would give too many false alerts - hence they are not used to change SHM state.

Now back home I need to take some time to read the suggestions, consider my config and how I can make this work, it may be as simple as not actually changing SHM state but just triggering notifications to me whilst in the gym in the event of a state change on a motion detection in the house (the end goal of course if that if I am in the gym I know if here is an intrusion to the house - irrespective of whether SHM state changes or not). I know I can do that to various levels of complexity using Webcore if I have to but again was enquiring if a simpler more elegant solution were available.

Again, thank you everyone for you contributions.