Exterior water thermometer for a koi pond?


Im looking for a device to monitor the temperature of the water in my koi pond that will work with ST. any ideas / thoughts?

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor | Z-Wave Smart Home System

The Door/Window Sensor module also works with the DS18B20 temperature sensor (sold separately). This tiny element is installed in the module inputs and …

Don’t know if there is a ready-to-go ST device type yet.

Previous suggestions have included a regular ST multisensor in a watertight bag. You’d think it would have low range but sometimes it works against all odds - or you can add a Zigbee repeater.

Do you have mains power there, or does it have to be battery-operated?

Personally, I would not recommend putting a battery operated sensor in a plastic bag in a Koi pond. The fish are too likely to Open the bag, which could be dangerous to them in several ways.

But there are some pool and aquarium options that might be appropriate depending on the available power supplies. In some cases you would have the mechanism itself up out of the pond and could put it in a sheltered plastic project box and it would have a probe that goes into the water. That might also be inside a plastic box so the fish couldn’t worry it.

But again, first question: is mains power available at the pond?

And then the second question, what’s your weather like? There’s going to be a big difference between managing this for Florida or for someplace with cooler weather.

And are you using the UK or US hub?

You can use the Fibaro Door/Window Sensor and get the temp sensor through Amazon with a 3 foot cable. Wire in the Temp sensor, put it in the pond and leave the Fibaro in a dry location (box). I used this setup for fridg/freezer temp sensors. Works great.

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Mains power is available at the pond. The sensor needs to be able to read to -40 and connect to the US ( Canada) hub

water at -40F? They’ll be fishsticks anyway.

Air temperature is -40 the water is 6ft deep, so its not frozen solid…

Should the terminals on the Monoprice Door / Window sensor also work for this also? I got the idea they would from a few other tutorials.

Ive grabbed a Seneye for this, and am currently accessing their API to pull data into ST. So far so good, but Ill wait till winter hits to be certain.