Exposing endpoints for Simulated Minimote or similar device types


I’ve noticed that device types that have multiple buttons such as the Simulated Minimote, the Aeon Minimote, and the Virtual Remote Control device type found here (8-button Virtual Remote Control) don’t work with the Endpoint Example app to expose endpoints for each virtual button.

Can endpoints for these device types be exposed in any other way?

My specific use case is I have lots of virtual buttons that I would love to combine into one device, so when viewing my “Things” the list isn’t so cluttered. I need endpoints exposed to use the devices with Alexa, my phone, or IFTTT. Is this possible?


Why not use “Rooms”?

Currently, the trend is to go the other way (i.e., break up a real Thing into multiple Virtual Switches (etc.), because, though we have requested improvement for a long time, SmartThings does not have good ways to handle “compound Things” (especially multiple instances of the same Attribute: Switch1, Switch2, etc.).

A Thing in SmartThings can have many Capabilities, but only one instance of each Capability per Device (Thing) Instance.

Yes, it’s possible, but it requires a SmartApp to provide endpoints. I did that as a follow-up to the virtual remote control device handler, but never came around to publish it.

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I figured this would be the route. Would you mind if I tried out the app you wrote?