Exploding Samsung devices

Should we worry about our hubs? LOL

Nah Samsung just purchased SmartThings - give them a couple of revisions and sticking their nose into things then get worried :slight_smile:

It’s interesting that all these storys are coming out now; it’s got to be seriously hurting Samsungs Rep! I just hope they don’t cut SmartThings funding to pay for damages elsewhere in the business


Why do you think I removed the batteries :grin:

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Nah you don’t have to worry about your Hubs.

The power supply is 110VAC-to-5VDC at 2A and the batteries in your hub are regular old AA Alkaline cells. It’s essentially powered by a cellphone charger (a normal non-fast-charging one).

Definitely a shame to hear about all the trouble. Generally, Samsung makes great batteries!