Experience with Smartthings using the Sonoff iHost

Although routines and rules cover 90% of my automation needs, to go a bit further, but with no desire to reinvent what was already running I wanted a smart looking alternative to a Raspberry Pi, as an always-on computer server device.
I chose the Sonoff iHost, which as a bonus brings in all my older WiFi LAN devices (that’s NOT all WiFi devices) locally.
With doubts, as having already read about it’s development issues, and the corresponding consumer backlash, but I now think its great.

I’m pleased with mine, local operation, runs Node-red perfectly, has my MQTT broker and integrates everything with my Smartthings system through the Matter bridge.
It has it’s cons though, and I’m starting a thread on the eWelink community site, initiated by a Sonoff staff member, to find “what’s still missing but important for you in this [Smartthings] integration”
Has anyone had experience, good or bad, or is starting to try this device?

(Note: this is only about the iHost and no other Sonoff device.)


Can anyone answer this topic? I’m looking for someone to answer because I have the same topic. If anyone has solution, please tag me. Thanks a lot.

Hi. What specific problems do you have?

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