Can Sonoff basics work with Smartthings without flashing firmware?

I just watched the DrZzs video where he showed it working with Home Assistant using code by AlexxIT which looks very interesting.

At present, I’ve got mine working via Alexa routines tied to a ST virtual switch/contact sensor by following this article, which is great but it can’t transfer the Sonoff on/off state back to ST if triggered directly by Alexa/eWeLink.

Here’s hoping someone cleverer than me can do something like AlexxIT did.

Only the sonoff basic r3 zigbee works with SmartThings without modification.

Actually the Sonoff mini could work in DIY mode, but nobody has written yet a DH for it.
In DIY mode the Sonoff mini communicates only on LAN, and can be turned on and of through web access, just need to have the device’s ID for the commands.
I think, I have read that the same way the status can be requested too, so the DH could get status through polling.

But, honestly, the best would be if someone would write finally a firmware with the new ST ESP example to connect any sonoff to ST through the cloud without any extra special DH requirements.

As popular as these are, i’m surprised someone hasn’t done this yet. Same with a DIY MQTT firmware to the ST cloud.

That is what I meant.

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Just noticed this post:

Ewelink has officially integrated with SmartThings

Looks interesting. Off to play…