Expandable Zigbee Repeater Solution (With Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensors)

Just received my devices. I have two SmartThings v1 hubs. One at home and one at cabin. I tested the devices at home and everything worked. I reset devices and took them to cabin. They were added and show as connected but I’m getting zero data in the app and online GUI. Anyone experience this behavior? I have them next to the hub within 2 feet.

I do not think that it is a range issue. The radio modules comes with extra power amplifier. The sensor should not have issues communicating with the hub especially when they are only 2 feet away.

At one point not too long ago, many of us are forced to migrate to the new app from classic app. I saw similar behavior with yours during that migration on my phone app. I send out a support ticket to ST. I was told to remove and re-pair the device. I also was told to clean the configuration on my phone ST app. I use android. There was a config and cache data that I was told to clean. I was skeptical at the beginning as it sounds like a scripted support procedure. But, I did follow the support recommendation anyway. I am now getting data from my sensor just fine. It does not looked like this is your issue because you just pair your sensor. However, it is in my opinion that the new ST app may not be as stable as the classic app that went away. Doing the above may be needed to clear up some bad state of the app.

If you like to give it another try of re-pairing the sensor, perhaps double check on the factory reset procedure on the sensors. Just remove any power (battery and dc) from the sensors. Press the button on the back of the server. Power the sensor back while the button is still pressed. Hold it for 4 to 6 seconds and release it. Then, you can start pairing to the hub.

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Also, this may not be the best week to test/include anything on the ST platform, you may not be aware @iharyadi but there’s been/are, major ST cloud outages again at the moment, this week and last, I would wait.


Thanks @iharyadi! I am going to remove devices, device handler, reset devices, and try to go through the pairing again.

I brought up the two in the IDE GUI comparing device and hub details between home and cabin. It appears the only difference I could see is one device has a zigbee ID (Cabin, not working) and the other does not (home, was working as expected).

Thanks for the help…

All solved! I basically followed SmartThings recommendations on resetting hub. There isn’t many devices @ my cabin so a fresh start was easier than normal. I added the two environment sensors as first two devices and they are now working as expected! A fresh start was required to get this hub back to a healthy state. I basically removed everything - all automation, scenes, devices, rooms, and hubs using the new app. I proceeded to add new hub and new devices back on.

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Thank you for sharing. This will help others if they come across this issue.

I’m having trouble setting this up. I couldn’t find any instructions, so initially I just tried to pair it, misinterpreting the ebay description as implying no custom DH was necessary unless you wanted to use an Arduino. When it paired as a generic Thing, I assumed the DH was necessary, and managed to factory reset and re-pair.

Now it’s paired, but the UI in the Smartthings app doesn’t look like the screen shots I’m seeing. Nothing shows up besides the name in the main tile. And there’s no Zigbee repeater information in the full page- just temperature and humidity, illuminance, and battery.

Hi @letsief, Just FYI, the information is still supported by the sensor. You can check those information in the web IDE. Those missing attributes are custom attributes per ST speaks.

The ST applications has changed during this recent years. This happen to me and any other members when we are switched from “Classic” to the new ST app. The new ST app does not display those custom attributes from the DTH anymore during this switch.

It is my goal to have one attribute back “the pressure” measurement to new apps. My understanding is that custom attributes is still unstable in ST platform.

For diagnostic attributes, I will not remove those from the sensor. However, they will be lower priority to bring back to the ST app.

Thanks. None of that is was critical to me, but it made we wonder if I set it up correctly.

More significantly, it appears that I didn’t set it up correctly. While the web IDE says it is online, it hasn’t updated since I reset and re-added the sensor back into smart things:

Last Activity At	2021-06-17 7:17 PM EDT
Date Created	2021-06-17 7:16 PM EDT
Last Updated	2021-06-17 7:20 PM EDT
Route	This Device (58B8) ↔ SmartThings Hub
Last Hop LQI: 112
Last Hop RSSI: -72
Received Messages From Device: 92
Received Messages From Device (Duplicates): 0
Messages Transmitted to Device: 88
Messages Transmitted to Device (Failures): 20
Updated Time: 2021-06-17 9:04 PM EDT

Any ideas? It shouldn’t be a signal issue- it is almost directly one floor under the hub.

Did you remove the sensor from the ST app? Please start clean from the state as the sensor is not in the apps.

If you suspect it is range issue, the first thing to try if to move the sensor close to the hub temporarily. You can observe whether the sensor send updates.

Hello @iharyadi, are you going to create an edge driver for this device?


This is an important module and deserves an Edge driver, I know one is being tested, we’ll have to wait to see what transpires.

Hi all,

I wrote an Edge driver for the environmental sensor in case you want to give it a try.

This is the link to the thread


Hello Everyone,

I do not have an update on this sensor. I have not been working on this sensor for a while. I have been working on the Arrival Sensor.

To make things short, I found an issue with the Arrival Sensor while making improvement on the future revision of the sensor. I have communicated the issue with the community. There is a short and useful message form a member here about liability. If you have read that thread, there is no new information. You can skip this update.

I want to take this opportunity to make sure that everyone who use my sensor is on the same page. Please use of this sensor is at your own risk".

The sensor is designed as we have seen through out the thread as a “Do it yourself” sensor. There are optional component such as battery that user will have to get themselves. In addition, there are custom expansion that user can add to the sensor capability.

I design the sensor the best I can to be safe to use by myself and community member. If I received any report of issue, I will share it with the community here. A mistake in design or manufacturing can show up later. Again, If I received any report, I will share it with the community here.

If for any reason for any user who use my sensor believe otherwise, I would be happy to offer refund. You can stop using the sensor.

I apologize if this warning sound harsh. It is not my intention to do so. I just want to make sure to clear any miss understanding about this topic. I am aware that many user of my sensor, this and others, what you are getting into. I sincerely appreciate and grateful for your support.