Best Third Party Security System Integration with SmartThings? (With Cameras)

What’s the best security system that I should invest in that will integrate with SmartThings?

I recently moved into a new house and am looking to install some security sensors that can double as smarthome sensors as well as install some cameras. Are any of the popular brands like Ring, Arlo, etc better with SmartThings integration? I want to be able to use the sensors/cameras for security as well as use them in smarthome automations. Any insight would be appreciated!

I built my house 3 years ago and installed the DSC system. It worked well but I did not like the generic keypad controllers. I upgraded the system to the Envisalink 4 and that allowed me to use my phone to control the system. But like you, I wanted a system that would integrate with my SmartThings. I scrapped the entire system and installed Konnected with Amazon Fire HD 8 pads for my control panels. It appears that Konnected can be fully integrated with SmartThings as I now use SmartThings and Webcore to control all aspects of my security system. I have a Ring Doorbell Pro as well, and it also integrates with my Konnected system. My wife and I really like the system that we have now. Your mileage may vary.

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i’m assuming you have concerns with using SmartThings for security?

@Automated_House Not at all. I love SmartThings. I look for ST to dominate the market. I just do not have any experience with the ST products for home security.

sorry, meant the OP :slight_smile: I use my SmartThings hub V3 for security.

I don’t necessarily have anything against using SmartThings for security, just didn’t know if there were the same breadth of security products out there compared to the items that the other players have. For example, could you add a keypad to arm/disarm the system?

I wouldn’t want to do use the SmartThings+ADT products, especially because I think they’re discontinuing those?

There isn’t currently an official keypad. People have integrated models from Iris/Xfinity/Centralite, but it requires copy/pasting some custom code and only works with the Classic app. Samsung did show a SmartThings Keypad and fobs at CES this year, so hopefully those come to market some point soon.

I use a DSC System and EVL4 but run Alarm Server on a Pi3. This gives me all the functions of a traditional alarm system but “connected” to ST to mimic functionality but and with all the advantages of being “Smart”.

The Konnected solution dumps the old panel altogether and just adds the existing wired sensors only. This solution relies on ST 100%.

Since adding a backup power supply, I have not needed to restart the Alarm Server and it works great with professional monitoring including Smoke and CO detectors.

They actually have a system now that allows your to keep your wired alarm and use the system in parallel with SmartThings

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Good info! I see you can even trip and/or arm the existing system. Eventually they will get to where the system is truely mirrored and provides two-way comms and sync.

I really like the EVL4+Alarm Server solution. It’s rock solid and just works like a traditional Alarm System + it stays in perfect sync with SHM and provides an appropriate exit delay and proper keypad.

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@southpaw827 If you choose to use the EVL4 system, I’ll sell you mine for $25 + shipping :slight_smile:

Last year I tried really hard to come up with “one system” in hopes of reusing the sensors. The issues with non-dedicated keypad, expensive sensors (alarm modules), entry/exit delay, battery backup, Cellular backup and other things, I gave up on it and got a Ring Alarm on thanksgiving sale. It has no integration with Smartthings yet but I am hoping will have at some point.