Exclusion Problems

I am having the hardest time migrating to hub 2.0 because of exclusion/inclusion issues. Most of my older devices – weird things like the Aeon Labs Outlet Version 2 or the Peanut Plug – either won’t exclude, or after they’re excluded, won’t be detected to re-include. In the process I’ve got about 5 devices working and 10 that appear to be bricked – and I’m only about 1/2-way through the migration.

Is this normal? Any exclusion/resetting/inclusion hints?



It can be different for each device. I recommend looking up the manuals.

I prefer to use an unpaired minimote for exclusions

Yes, I’m looking up the manuals (such as they are – some older devices are hard to find).

I’m curious about the minimote thing – you can use one to exclude stuff without the hub being involved?


It sure can. I keep one unpaired (even though i believe it can exclude while on st as well) and inky use it for zwave exclusions. It’s handy because the lights flash indicating successful exclusion.

Want to cause some havoc in an annoying neighbors system invest in a minimote and wait fit the bbq! Haha (unless they have ST like us, they probably couldn’t take the extra aggrivation)

Well, you couldn’t really aggravate the neighbors too much, right? Because exclusion usually requires an “exclude” signal on the minimote followed by a button press (or something similar) on the device, right?

Anyway, I think I’ve excluded most of my things; ST Hub v.2 isn’t finding them, though.