Excluded device still throwing a "Failed to update mesh info" error

(gmschwartz) #1

I have a Zwave switch that was giving a “Failed to update mesh info” and a “Failed to update route” message, so I went ahead and removed it. It went through the remove fine and the switch itself shows as waiting to connect to a network.

When I run a SmartThings repair network though, the device still shows, but without a name, with a “Failed to update mesh info” error. (So now it shows as “Network repair for device [13]: Failed to update mesh info” and “Network repair for device [13]: Failed to update route”).

Any ideas on what I need to do to fully removed lucky number 13 from my network so it no longer gives errors?

(Andreas A.) #2

See my instructions in this other discussion

(Chris) #3

Same issue here. I excluded all my devices throwing a mesh error, was able to repair without issue, second I added any of those devices back, same error. @gmschwartz did you ever resolve this issue. The whole platform is so effed right now I’m at a loss.

(gmschwartz) #4


I’m pretty sure I just followed the instructions from the link in ahndee’s post above (with the whole “Trash” Device Network ID) and it resolved the issue.

My recollection is that I had a couple devices that I had to do a couple of times, but that I did this and the reran a few “Repair Network” (and let them run for 60+ minutes), and everything finally worked itself out.

Good luck!