eWeLink (Official Integration July 2019) reviews needed

A new official integration using the V3 app has now been released for EWeLink Devices. Please let us know if you are using this official integration and how it is working for you. Please list the brand and model number of the device that you are reviewing.

I am particularly curious about these because, unlike many other inexpensive Wi-Fi switches, these do have two way status updates in their IFTTT channel.

So if anyone can verify that these are providing two way status updates to smartthings, that would be very good to know. :sunglasses:

The easiest way to test it is to set up an automation so that when the eWeLink compatible switch is turned on, something else turns on. Then test it both from the smartthings app and just by using The device manually. If it works from the app and not manually, it lacks two way status update.

The other thing is that, @Automated_House brings up below, ewelink is actually just the app. There are more than 80 brands of device manufacturers that use eWeLink as their app. So it may be that some switches provide two way status while others do not. So please do provide your brand and model number of the device that you are reporting on.

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is eWeLink the same thing as Sonoff?

Short answer, no. :wink:

haha. Is Sonoff a manufacturer and eWeLink their cloud/app provider?

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Long answer, from the company:

eWeLink is a free smart home APP that can manage and control over hundred smart devices of 80 brands.

It’s sort of like IFTTT, but an app.

They make their app available to many different brands so those brands don’t have to create their own home automation app. They charge those brands a fee.

Sonoff is one of the brands that uses their app, but they are not the same company.

eWeLink is an open cooperative smart home platform. It can be integrated with smart devices of different brands without any difficulty. So far, eWeLink has supported most of the popular foreign home automation devices, including Apple HomeKit, Google Nest, Amazon Echo, and it is fully compatible with some domestic home automation platforms such as Haier U+, HUAWEI Openlife. Moreover, it allows users to log in with third-party ( Facebook, QQ, WeChat) accounts.

interesting. So people that buy the cheap Sonoff devices could probably use this integration to get them into SmartThings without the complicated flashing process?

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Yes, although they always could if they used IFTTT with the EWelink app. That’s one reason for setting up these review threads of the new official integrations, it’s not always clear what benefits the official integrations give you over an existing IFTTT channel until people actually start using it.

Just as one example, the new official TP Link Integration doesn’t expose the energy reporting features that the more complex unofficial community-created integration does.

Also the new integrations typically only work with the V3 app, not the V2 classic app. But again, we can’t tell until people post the hands-on reviews.



Looks like it is only a zigbee outlet, not the whole eWeLink platform


No. I cannot get any ewelink compatible device to pair with smartthings hub

are they zigbee devices? The wifi devices aren’t supported.

So, eWeLink does the same what SmartThings is going to with the new MQTT integration.

I installed the SonOff iFan03 today (eventually) - eWeLink is terrible. I have to reset my password every-time i want to login. In IFTTT i tried to link my eWeLink account and it said my account doesn’t exist. it seems the email field is case sensitive, then i got logged in . iFan03 would not pair on the Android 30 mins of annoying loud beeping, i think my dog has left home. Had to get it to pair on iOS but only when i set us location ‘while using’ the app. Now its shows up in eWeLink but doesn’t show up in IFTTT, it only offers ‘x Channel Plugs’ and Dimmers, not iFan03. It works with Alexa but does not appear in SmartThings. Not so good if Alexa is the only thing that can control this. I tried to add eWeLink into ST but it just wants to re-pair it doesnt authenticate with eWeLink to get a list of devices.

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I did a bit of digging, it’s true there are now “eWeLink” (and indeed “Sonoff”) options in the add device screens, but they are only there for the few Zigbee devices: a contact sensor, a motion sensor and an on/off “switch” (the Sonoff BASICZBR3). I do have one of the latter and it works fine.

There are no device handlers for connecting to any of the wifi devices or eWeLink. Also annoyingly the IFTTT channel only supports their on/off plugs and wall switches, it does not support other devices such as the RF bridge unfortunately, so there is no way at present to integrate them directly with Smarttthings. Not sure if these devices are available via Alexa routines? (I dont use Alexa).


Just read this thread and thought to give my input as I have been using eWeLink->IFTTT->Smartthings and Smartthings->IFTTT->eWeLink for quite some time.
I have set status change tasks in IFTTT for all the eWeLink devices to be “integrated” to Smartthings with virtual devices representing respective actual devices , for two-way status update.
What I found is that Smartthings->eWeLink status is consistently updated, almost always but the reverse, though works, is not consistent.
Thus, when a virtual switch is turned on in Smartthings, its corresponding switch is turned on and status shown so (almost 100% of times), and vice versa (80% of times approx).

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btw I dont see any official integration in either of the classic and new apps.

P.S. Got it. But limited devices

So is the plan to have sonoff devices officially integrated?

At this point, it is up to each device manufacturer whether they choose to develop a SmartThings integration or not. ST is now offering an open API, but each manufacturer is responsible for creating and maintaining the integration. So you should direct your request to Sonoff.

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I thought you said ewelink is a platform and not a device maker. If that’s the case what exactly is this ewelink integration if it’s up to manufacturers?

ewelink could implement a cloud-to-cloud integration with Smartthings through the Developer Workspace at a platform level. Or, the device manufacturers could include in the firmware a device-level integration (i.e. directly to SmartThings). I am really not sure what role ewelink plays, maybe they also develop the device firmware.

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A platform can create an integration as well, as they already do with Ifttt.