eWeLink has officially integrated with SmartThings

All new cloud-to-cloud integrations have Type = placeholder, so the IDE looks correct. Most likely eWeLink developed and owns the integration, so requesting new features through them is probably the best route.


I’ve been in touch with sonoff and they said they are working on additional features like the TH16 and will be added later.


Hi Mate,

I think you can use all linked device in ewelink app by using the eWelink Smart Home cloud config in smartthings.


No, as I said I’ve been talking with sonoff and you cant yet. You can see things like the TH16 but you can’t get temperature or humidity readings yet. So in smartthings you can see the state of the switch but not the thing your monitoring.

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I have a few Sonoff Basic in-line switches which are used to control LED lights around the house. Anyone know how to make them show up as lights in ST instead of switches? In Alexa app, I can just switch the Type from “Plug” to “Light”.

are you referring to the icon in the app? Currently that can’t be changed.

Yes. However, I was under the mistaken impression that you could not add switches to a light group, but you can so it’s not a pressing issue.

can Sonoff T3 wifi smart switches be integrated with smartthings

@A.N.M_Samiul_Alam, yes.

I have a T1 US switch working fine using the Tasmota firmware and this Device Handler [RELEASE] Tasmota (Connect) for Sonoff, Tuya, SmartLife & other ESP8266 devices).

I believe the process is similar for the T3.

Yep samme issue :frowning: no temp… i grow very very tired…

But will ewelink discover them with this flash?

If you have flashed the Sonoff with Tasmota/ESPEasy etc then no it will not be seen by eWeLink.

Yes, but it will show up as 3 separate switches.
If you flash it with Tasmota/ESPEasy etc than eWeLink will not see it and defeats the purpose of the linked apps.

TH16 with temp probe. I see the temp in Smartthings, but it shows in C when my location setting is F. I see no way to change this to show F in smartthings. I can change the display setting in eWeLink.

Matt are you getting any temp reading at all? Is it showing something other than 0 deg C?

I am getting a C reading
Steps I followed.

Paired device with eWeLinkApp
–normal wifi device setup when I entered the router SSID and pw
in smartthings app, I selected eWeLink as the Brand when adding a device
I selected switch/dimmer
I selected eWeLink Smart Home
I think I selected the Hub and room
then entered my credentials to the eWeLinkApp

Well - that explains our differences. I didn’t use the eWelink to ST integration - I tried a while back but never saw ANY temp at all from the probe - some google search I found said it wasn’t supported yet - so, you got farther than I Did!

I flashed mine with Tasmota - because I am very familiar with that process and I have done a couple of these. I don’t recall seeing a SETTING though once in ST via TASMOTA process - it just (ultimately) changed to F based on my location.

I have a couple more new ones I may play with when I have time just to see what is doable. The main one I have going has a temp probe strapped to a hot water recirc pump - it signals the pump to come on once below 82 or so - and then shutoff when the water hits 120 or so … ends up running the pump about 7-9 minutes every 90min to 2 hrs depending on ambient temps in garage. Works great far better than the manual timer I had on there.

it was only recently added about 10 days ago to the default integration


Yep that’s what I did. I just happened to click the right things, hoping it would work like a previous wifi integration with a different brand.

Hopefully soon they’ll get the C to F things fixed. I’ll buy 2 more when I see that. Computing a times2+30 everytime I try to understand the temp hurts my head.

my current one is in an indoor hydroponics garden for testing
Next is a pool and for outdoor temp. anything with a battery for outdoors dies quickly in the winter. Figured I’d place near a window and run the probe under the the seal to the outside. May try just plugging it in an outdoor outlet first.

I have a few extras - will play with the direct integration and watch that - would be nice to skip the tasmota flashing … I have similar wants/needs to Matts - I have two houses and my winter house would be nice to have outdoor temp monitor battery operated there won’t work when gone for 7 months. Thanks for the update Jimmy.

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