Evolve Scene Controllers

Has anyone used SmartThings with the Evolve Scene controller? They look pretty amazing and are about $200. Curious if it will work or not.




Probably will NOT work… at least not yet*.

Devices like these are referred to as controllers or secondary controllers.

Obviously if this device is setup as your primary controller then SmartThings is out of the picture as it wants to be the primary controller.

Setting up as a secondary controller is hit or miss. The problem arises in how the z-wave network works. A secondary controller tries to communicate directly with the end devices. It does NOT communicate back to the primary controller. So if you use this SmartThings would never see if you pressed any of the buttons on this device.

Now you can still use this to control various devices… I’ve never used a secondary controller myself so I can comment on how well it does or doesn’t work, but just be aware that it would be essentially running parallel networks on your devices. Both SmartThings and this device would be able to control stuff, but the two controllers wouldn’t interact with each other.

*Here’s the ‘not yet’ part: SmartThings is supposedly working on a way for select secondary controllers (such as the AEON Panic button or mini-remote) to operate properly with SmartThings… that is communicate back to SmartThings rather than directly to your z-wave devices. When/if that happens something like this MIGHT then work with SmartThings.

@chrisb thanks so much for the advice. I heard from someone that it does work with Vera, so there is some hope I guess. Looking forward to what SmartThings does with it. They look really nice.

Wondering if anyone has gotten this scene controller to work, LCD-1


thanks all