Aeon Panic Button/Remotes

Has anyone had any luck with any of the Aeon buttons? Are these on/off switches that SmartThings can use or are they like control panel type things?

I don’t know about Aeon specifically but most of te “button devices” need to act as secondary controllers with ST being the primary. So no, they won’t just appear as devices that will hange state and perform actions directly. There’s another thread running on “buttons” you might want to check out

Still working on these. They should currently work for their intended purpose – you can turn Z-Wave switches on and off – but we hope to figure out a way to get them to tell the hub when you press buttons so you can use them to control SmartThings actions.

Yeah, it’s that’s second function that I’m looking for. I want the buttons to be “app triggers” for lack of a better term. I want SmartThings to be able to see when the button is pressed.

That’s the “holy grail” of functionality. It’s a pain to have to rely on a pad or phone to trigger something. There are tons of inexpensive z-wave controllers both. Handheld and plug in. It would be " wonderful" if those could send a command to the hub and trip a scene or a function.


I’m new here, but trying to dive in and understand the world of ST.

I am trying to use the Aeon panic button to toggle a switch. I can see the panic button and it is logging both ‘press’ and ‘hold’…and I see that there are a few shared apps in IDE that looked designed to use it. But when I try to install the smart app nothing happens.

Has anyone gotten them to work yet? Am I missing something simple, or is it not really supported yet?

thanks in advance

Ah, sorry about that. We’ve been working on the Aeon key fobs and Minimote, so what I said before is no longer true. SmartThings does now attempt to configure the buttons to send events to SmartThings.

We haven’t announced it yet because we’re still deciding on the interface, like what the events will look like and how to select which button to use for a purpose. That’s also why those apps you found didn’t work. We’ve changed the interface since I wrote those, and I forgot they were set to shared.

I’ll take a look at those apps and we’ll try to put together some usable info on working with these things for you guys.

Hey Duncan, any updates to this? Right now my minimote is directly changing devices as a secondary controller, but it really screws with the smartthings hub (which doesn’t always update when I use the remote). The remote functionality is one of the few things I miss from my Vera. If you’re looking for someone to test I’d be interested.

Hey @Duncan, just wanted to check in and see if perhaps this functionality was included in the latest iOS app update? If so I’ll be placing an order for some Minimote tonight! :slight_smile:

I updated my apps to make them work again, but there hasn’t been any work on an official interface for these devices. All the SmartApps guys have been too busy with Dashboard and Labs stuff.

Here’s some code:
Mode Button:
Toggle Button:

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This is exciting news. Are we at a point where button presses on the secondary controller generate events on the SmartThings hub, or is this functionality specific to the Aeon controllers? I am asking because I’d prefer an in/on-wall solution, like the GE 45631.

Last time I tried, I couldn’t figure out how to get the GE 45631 to send events to the hub. It’s sad because it is a great form factor.

Aeon Labs gave us some documentation on how to configure their remotes to send events to our hub, but I haven’t seen anything like that for GE remotes.

Oh man, that GE 45631 looks great! Hopefully this will be supported in ST soon, i have at least two places where this would be perfect…

@duncan and @stickstickly, there is also this Leviton Vizia rf+ switch:
It’s insanely expensive, but maybe it is easier to configure to send events to the hub?

Would this help: