Evolve relay

I have a newbie question. How do I get power to the relay? I assume they make a plug I can plug in next to the opener that has split ends. Can someone link me to the proper piece I need? Don’t want to pick up the wrong thing

So any plug would work. That’s what I figured just wanted to make sure since I’m new to all this. I think I have a CPU power wire I can splice. Thx


Any idea what would be keeping the relay from toggling the garage door? I had to shave the wires down some to fit them into the holes where the push button wires lead to, but I wouldn’t think that would be the issue.

the power end is correct and the hub found it with no issues. I changed it to a z wave virtual momentary contact switch. It triggers and I can hear the relay click, but I don’t believe it’s sending power since the door wont open.