Everspring Z-Wave Outdoor / Indoor 100° PIR Motion Detector - Z-Wave Plus - SP816-1

Is the everspring outdoor sensor compatible with the Uk hub. It says it’s 868 frequency but will it definitely work? The SmartThings chat line was noncommittal

And, is it any good or will I get loads of false alarms.

Hi Scott did you buy one of these?

Not yet. I remain unconvinced that it will definitely be compatible. What do you think?

Looks like it’s supported.

I just bought a SP816 - but i can not get it to register to the network… Seams like ther is a difference in the SP816-1 and the one documented SP103…

Any assistance is highly appriciated.

I bought an SP186 Gen 5 and the only readings I get are battery level and even those are incorrect anyone used a custom device handler?

Bought an SP816-1 EU version.
Gets detected as a zwave open/close sensor, so changed the device type in ST IDE to zwave motion sensor, and it’s continously detecting motion.
Obv something’s not right.
Detects battery tho.


Adapted an existing device handler so that it detects the device as an ‘Eversrping SP816’ upon adding the device to smartthings.
https://github.com/c240amg/SmartThings/tree/master if you’d like to add the device handler yourself.

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