Everspring ST815

(Mat Henley) #1

Anyone know if it’s possible to use the Everspring ST815 Illumination sensor?

(Chrisb) #2

If I had to guess I’d say it would… but personally, I’d look at the Aeon Motionsensor first if I were you. It’s only a little bit more expensive and it includes motion, temp, humidity, as well as illumination.

(Mat Henley) #3

Thanks Chris. When I detect the Everspring, it seems to only detect temperature and moisure elements and not illumination. Maybe I’ll just ditch it and try the Aeon as you suggested.

(Chrisb) #4

I’ve got two of them and they definitely report on illumination.

(Tuffcalc) #5

@chrisb - what device type are you using to pair your Everspring ST815 with Smartthings?