Everspring ST815 Illuminance Sensor

Any chance we can get this to work with Smartthings? It’s a z-wave device with a pretty nifty LCD that shows the current luminance.

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Hi everyone,

I’ve attached some pages of the manual stating what commands the ST815 supports. Can anyone help me out so I can create a device type for this? I’m terrible with programming (i.e., I can’t) but willing to learn with some direction.

Many thanks

Hi, did you get anywhere with this at all?

EDIT: Please ignore, just saw that ST have a delivered DH for it.

Hi Mark,

Can you tell me more on this DH?
If you link it, it is recognised as illumination sensor automatically?


Hi Olivier,

I cannot remember exactly but when I added it it was not picked up automatically.

I cannot login to the IDE at the moment but from memory, add the sensor and then from the IDE go to the device and select the DH from the drop-down list. It is already there in the list.

Let me know if this does not work for you and will login a little later to check.

Have not got the device yet (ordered this morning), but will come back to ask more details if I struggle when it arrives :slight_smile:

BTW, it is currently at £22 on Vesternet!