Everspring Smoke Detector


I know that there is another z-wave smoke detector out there (was it first alert?).

My hope with this one is that you can trigger the alarm in it via a command from the hub. I know that you can’t with the other one. Anyone have experience with this?

@chrisb That would be pretty nice, you typically have a smoke detector at every room. If each of those smoke detectors doubled as sirens it would scare the crap out of intruders. Did you order one to try out?

No… not yet. The fact that the other one from Lowe’s CAN’T be triggered remotely makes me worried that this one can’t either, so I’m reluctant to spend the money without knowing for sure.

My other desire to be able to trigger remotely is if the detector in the basement sees smoke, I’d love for the detectors in other areas of the house to go off. I’m not 100% sure I’d wake up if my basement detector went off.

Just sent an email to the company asking this question. We’ll see what they response is.

I haven’t seen these for sale in the US yet, let me know if you find a place to buy them.

I know that this is an old thread, but I saw this pop up on Amazon… This first review appears to be from Aug. 14: http://www.amazon.com/Everspring-Z-Wave-Smoke-Detector-EVS-SF813-2-US/dp/B00JGBWO5I/ref=pd_cp_hi_0

This seems to be the same as the monoprice. Anyone have this device type working? I’m trying to find any programming information on this to see if i can put a device type together but no luck so far :frowning: