Everspring HSM02 and HSP02

Has anyone had any success with either of these two Z wave devices from Everspring? The HSM02 is a Open/Close sensor and the HSP02 is a motion detector.

I just got 3 of the HSM02’s and they show up as “Aeon Door/Window Sensor”.

They just report open/close, but no battery level.

Sorry to dig up an old thread: Has anyone gotten battery level to work? I like these, they are a lot slimmer than the others out there.

I got the battery status.

It is the other problem which almost drove me crazy!

To anyone who ever purchased this product to automate the security of your home. This product has a small flaw.
Now I am not going to tell you not to buy or use this product. I want to inform you of my experience with this product.

I have purchased this product under the impression that this open/close sensor is as sturdy as my ST Multi…It is not!
My first and last mistake:
Installed it the mechanism side on the door instead of the contact magnet side.
For two days it seem to work. However when I went to the office and slamd the front door shot, it would get stuck in the open state.
Place the the contact magnet on the door and the actual sensor on the door frame.

Which is better ?

Everspring HSM02 Door/Window Sensor
Ecolink Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor


I would go with Ecolink or the new Smart open close sensors.

Ecolinks are great - plus you can use the additional contacts for lots of cool stuff

"Additional contacts"? You can wire a switch like a door bell to them correct? (Two contacts on the inside I believe?).
So Ecolink door/window sensors will report battery level but not temp correct? What kind of Battery life do you get?

Best place to buy them? I see Amazon has them for about $33.

@Dave yes the extra contacts can be used for hidden door sensors, doorbells. I tried to do a glass break but it just killed the battery over the course of a day.

The Ecolink sensors do not report temp. Battery life is supposed to be 1 year. I am going to try to hardwire the sensors into a breadboard for power in my basement. This is something I did with all of my HSM motion sensors, which sadly do not work at all with ST

Amazon is the best to get the Ecolink sensors.

Do the Ecolinks send two different signals, one for the magnetic contact and one for the internal contact that could be connected to the doorbell? Ie use the Ecolink on the front door for two different alerts (door open / someone ringing doorbell). Thx

Unfortunately, no. It is the same open/close signal for both.

I know its an old post, but how were you able to report battery status?


I’ve just paired one of these and it’s come back at 100% battery. I’ve just swapped the battery out with an old one to see if it updates.

Everspring EVR_HSM02

It paired as a “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor”

Are you guys still not receiving battery updates?