Driver wrong for everspring door sensor HSM02

Hi, I have an old Everspring door/window sensor (HSM02). It uses Z-Wave.

I managed to get it connected to my hub and works ok… except, it also thinks its a Smoke / Moisture / Water detector too, which it’s not! These then alert every time the door opens and pings my phone saying there is smoke etc detected.

How can I just make it a simple contact sensor without all the other stuff? Thanks

Its been a long time since I tried to use smart things - since everything was changed and they broke everything in my automation. I’m wanting to learn how to use the new system.

Thanks for any help

Try pairing it right next to your hub, and don’t do anything with the device or app for a couple minutes after pairing is complete.

I think that door/window sensor has been paired as generic device.

Could you install Z-Wave Thing Mc driver.
Using Z-Wave Thing Mc driver is possible to read exact model and manufacturer.

You can install Z-Wave Thing Mc driver from Mariano’s Edge drivers Shared Channel


Thanks for your help. I managed to install the driver on that device. Here is the output:

Z-Wave Device:
Id: (dont know if you need this?)
DNI: 0x12
Firmware Ver: nil * Wake Up-Refresh Device
Library Ver: nil * Wake Up-Refresh Device
Zw Protocol Ver: nil * Wake Up-Refresh Device
Manufacturer: 0x0116
Product Type: 0x0002
Product ID: 0x0001

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Thanks for the suggestion Paul - I did do that when I installed it

Everspring’s manufacture code is 0x0060.
Your device’s manufacture code is 0x0116 (Chromagic Technologies Corporation).
ST production drivers do not support your device.

Maybe @Mariano_Colmenarejo will be able to add your device to his Z-Wave drivers.

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Hi @Jim_Parker

Added to this driver version

Thanks @TapioX @Paul_Oliver

 Name         Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc 
 Version      2023-11-28T11:28:01.122222186
- id: 0116/0002/0001
    deviceLabel: Clon Everspring Open/Closed HSM02
    manufacturerId: 0x0116 #clon Everspring HSM02
    productType: 0x0002
    productId: 0x0001
    deviceProfileName: contact-battery-tamperalert
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Amazing, Thanks! and thanks @TapioX

(It works perfectly now)