Events Triggering at wrong time(s)

Over the past few days I have noticed that some lights come on outside their normal “On” timeframe. For instance, this morning, the “Foyer Lamps” came on at 2015-08-26 12:13:10.218 PM EDT
when I opened the “Garage Door - Foyer”. The current Mode was “Home” and this lamp is set to only come on when the mode is “Night, Away Night, Sunset and Sunrise”. I turned off the lights with the app and tried to duplicate this incorrect ON event by opening the “Garage Door - Foyer”. The lights did not come on.

Today is not the first time this occurred. In fact, this particular device has been coming on (according to log, via a door opening) even though the current Mode is not equal to any I set in the Foyer Lamps shortcut.

I have notified support of this problem but I am curious if any one else is experiencing weird unscheduled events occurring since last weekend?

This is obviously a marketing effort to make sure everyone puts in their Hub V2 upgrade orders!!!

I had an issue with my living room lights the other day. They weren’t turning on at the correct time, and I traced the issue to me having accidentally removed a mode restriction in Hello, Home when I was modifying an automation.

My recommendation, outside of contacting support, is to go through each Hello, Home action and re-save the “Automatically perform when…” portion to make sure it’s set up in the way you’re expecting.

Actually, of all my actions only 2 use this feature. Other actions are set apps such as “Hello, Home …”

That said…

I checked the “Hello Home” log to see when “Home” Mode was set At 6:15 AM today. No other actions or modes were set from that point on (at least none recorded in the log). My lights were triggered slightly after noon today. Based on the log(s) I have to assume it triggered when the mode was set to Home. Is that assumption potentially wrong??


I don’t think this is user change. More reports coming in of long existing schedules failing:

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Looks like I am not alone. I didn’t even bring up my problem regarding Lux app. This app worked like a charm for several months now. This weekend, logs were telling me that this app turned on the light even though Lux value was at the maximum.

Today I re-created the culprit shortcut Foyer Lamp that was firing at the wrong time. Simply, turn on when motion but only of the mode is “Night, Away night or Sunset”. The mode was clearly set to “Home” at 2:30PM today and the motion sensor was triggered turning on the lamps. The log showed “Foyer Lamps sent on command to Foyer Receptacle

Same thing is happening to me. Time set events are happening 5 hrs before they are supposed to.

You are responding to a thread that is more than a year old. So I’m not sure anyone’s going to answer you here.

There is unfortunately a current issue with the same symptoms. See the current thread: