Scheduled events not working correctly for the last few days

Several months ago I set up 4 daily on/off schedules for one z-wave switch using this sequence from the Android App:
Dashboard->Lights & Switches->Settings->Add new light/switch->Name->Choose Device->Next->Turn on using a schedule AND Turn off using a schedule.
The Switch was faithfully turning on and off without any issues until the past few days when it is only working based on just one On/Off schedule, the other three are not working.
Another Server side bug with the recent update?

Have you tried removing and re-adding the schedule?

Unfortunately, that seems to be required sometimes. I’m guessing some bits of “state” may get lost during major upgrades. This is only speculation, but this has been the recommendation from Tech Support as well.


You are not alone. Make sure you report it to

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It does not sound like the same problem. I’m not using any Modes or triggers other than just the time.

Could be the same problem could be a different problem. “Schedules” covers a big area.

Two of four scheduled events stopped working for me this week as well.

I will raise ST support ticket and try removing/adding back schedule as suggested.

I ran into that as well. I just removed and rebuilt the scheduled events and things seem fine.

I removed/added back schedule as well and so far everything triggering as expected today.

Thanks for suggestion to resolve @tgauchat


Same situation here!!! Uninstall/reinstall the schedule. Report to support.

I had the same issue and just changed the time for the switch to turn on by 1 min… and it works again.

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One of my schedules wasn’t running after the work they did last weekend. I changed the time and saved it then changed it back and saved it. Works fine now.