Events for Devices

Ok, so do events no longer show up in the IDE for devices? I wanted to monitor a smart plugs power consumption, but its not showing any events at all?

What’s the brand and model of the plug? And did you change it to use a custom DTH?

Its a smartthings wifi plug, lol i know ive looked at events on it before because i wrote a piston for washer notifications using the power. This was probably over a year ago though.

The device type is Samsung OCF Smart Plug. I never changed the device type.

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I have 3 Smarttings Wi-Fi plugs. They are all are listed as “placeholder” in the device handler section of the IDE and no power data is shown.

I have to use the mobile app or the web portal to see the power consumption.


@Paul_Oliver I tried looking in the app and on the portal and I can see the current attributes of the smart plug, but it doesn’t show any of the past activity. Does yours show any activity history?

No they do not show any history. Just the current power draw and the aggregate energy consumption.
If you click on the graph symbol for power or energy you can see hourly and daily snap shots. But it is not very useful.
My z-wave and zigbee power plugs do show the history.

@Paul_Oliver may have to switch to a zigbee or z-wave power plug then. I know it used to show the history because I wrote a piston for my washer and I remember cycling the washer to get the power draw while it was running lol. Oh well, which plug do you recommend?

I am sorry but I do not have any recommendations.
My Z-Wave power plugs are old Monoprice plugs that are no longer sold. That is what I use for my washer. And yes I used the history to make the settings for my wash is done automation.
My zigbee power plugs are old Iris plugs that are also no longer sold.

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Ok thank you.