smartThings Smart Plug Reporting Frequency

Hi All,

Until now I’ve been able to configure my hub and devices using a combination of posts from this forum, webCoRE, basic logic and some trial and error - I am in no way a developer.

I’ve now reached a point where staring at code and changing random values isn’t getting the job done.

I recently replaced a number of WeMo sockets with the latest version of the Samsung Smart Plug - 7A-PL-Z-J3* (x5 bundle deal on Amazon). (*updated as incorrect in my original post, sorry)

The new Smart Plugs report every minor change in power consumption which spams the ‘Activity Feed’- with LED Xmas lights connected it changes every second!

Looking through old posts I found a Device Handler for the older ‘Power Outlet’ version that had been edited to reduce the reporting frequency. I applied this to the Smart Plugs and while it does dramatically reduce the consumption updates, you lose the ‘Comsumption to date’ metric.

I then took a copy of the ‘Zigbee Metering Plug’ device handler which the Smart Plug picks up as default and attempted to edit the reporting frequency ( I tried to apply logic from other posts/device handlers but I’ve had no success.

Could anyone tell me how to edit the code to reduce the frequency of updates or confirm that it is not possible without a significant updates rewrite please?

Many thanks

can you look on the back of the plug and verify the model number?

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Thanks for the reply. I got the model number from the guide that came with the plug and I have confirmed it is the same model number on the plug itself.

I can see it has a Zigbee ID assigned in ‘My Devices’ so everything suggests to me it is Zigbee, it even says ZigBee certified on the box?

Oh - its 7A-PL-Z-J3…awkward.

Ah! That’s the U.K. model of the zigbee plug.

(Not the “latest model,“ that would be the Wi-Fi one.)

Carry on. :wink:

Ok, so we’ve established its a 7A-PL-Z-J3 Smart Plug, it’s a 2019 model, but not the latest, and I failed to read a model number correctly multiple times…I guess that also explains why I find it hard to locate the bit of code I need to update.

All that aside, the original question remains?

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