Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb Support?

Are the Eufy Lumos Smart Color Bulbs SmartThing compatible?

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Okay, I’ve lurked here long enough to finally come out and just join the conversation too as a still-learning SmartThings noob.

Is there really no device handler available for Anker’s Eufy products? I’m a mostly TP-Link shop, and we know that’s covered in the DH field, but I have a lone Eufy Lumos tunable bulb I got last month for very cheap ($11) that’s just as comparable as the TP-Link tunable bulb that I also own. I’ve searched a million times and only came across a post that pointed to the APIs for the that Home Assistant thread (which confused the hell out of me since I thought it was a part of the SmartThings forum! Again, I’m still new). I got excited about that find until I realized it was just python code that wasn’t exactly able to be just up and pasted into SmartThings groovy format. Wish I was actually half decent at coding or I would’ve taken this task upon myself to fix.

I just find it interesting since their products seem like an even better deal than the TP-Link bulbs I’ve sworn by, and yet there’s less fanfare around them. Because of these circumstances though, I don’t plan on buying more until some integration with SmartThings happens. Ultimately it’d be better if Anker just made it natively compatible, but from what I’ve seen in my few weeks of lurking, when the manufacturer’s get lazy (looking at you TP-Link) to add native integration, the community picks up the slack.

This is my bulb, for reference. Hope this post bump spreads some awareness about this issue and these products.

I’m assuming that this is possible, but I don’t know enough about home-assistant to reverse engineer it (I don’t know where to look in the github to find the api interactions…

Seems to be simple to get the key (details here):

It’s then just understanding what you need to hit for the rest of the device API…

I don’t have the bulbs or the time, but I would say it looks achievable, and hope the above link will give someone the info to be able to help out!

This is probably what someone needs, I haven’t had a chance to look in any detail but this is the library that HA uses:

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Yeah I remember trying to look for Eufy compatibility in the forums about 2 weeks ago, coming across the HA api, and completely missing the fact that it had nothing to do with SmartThings even though the forums looked similar haha. I realized it when I downloaded the zip files full of python code, finding the Eufy code, being confused why it was in Python (but not questioning it) and trying to add it as a handler and failing lol.

I decided to give up that day and move onto other automation projects I have pending, but hoping something would resurface. I’m more surprised that there are device handlers for some no-name, Chinese knockoff and rebrands vs. a known name like Anker (er…maybe not their home automation branch Eufy is as known though) like the one I tried to pair with my hub yesterday. That’s what reminded me that there was still no Eufy support currently and inspire me to raise awareness.

I haven’t seen that Lakeside github project though. Good find. I wonder if that would be useful in creating a SmartApp, similar to the TP-Link Kasa, to gain access to the Eufy account ecosystem or something.

It’s jusy having an Api and a key to be able to gain, usually there are ways to obtain details of both but not through and easy method often…

I think the second link I sent is the answer the first link tells you how to get the key and that’s usually the difficult bit!

This is where you need to look, I’m no expert in python but the authorisation piece seems fairly easy to port over, but then it’s talking about sending packets which I expect ST can’t do (if that’s what it is actually doing)

this is the farthest ive seen someone get on this. Dying for a DH or App!

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Couldnt wait for someone else to do it. With the little time I’ve had I’ve built half of a smartapp( keeping in mind I don’t know groovy at all) which I just got successfully pulling tokens/logging in and reporting back devices by name. More to come when I find the time. Need to link it to a working DH so that’s next on the list


@Scags Any more news on your integration please?

Dropped the project shortly after the post. The smart app works to identify the bulbs and get their data but could not get the device handler to send the requests. Someone better than I will have to complete this.