Eufy Integration

Hi all,

There’s a dire lack of camera support especially after Google killed off Works with Nest and the Smartthings cameras aren’t available within the UK.

There’s interest elsewhere on the internet about integration between Smartthings and Eufy. It’s one thing holding me back from investing in some of their cameras, especially the Hub which requires no additional subscription, unlike Google.

This there anything in the pileline in regards to getting integration with Eufy and other Camera systems. Even better if the link to Google Nest products would be supported by default in Smartthings.

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Since smartthings published their API last year it is now the responsibility of the device manufacturers to create and maintain integrations with smartthings. So you would need to request an integration from Eufy. :sunglasses: Same with Google.

Thanks @JDRoberts, I had a feeling they pushed the responsibility onto the third parties. It’s a shame as the only compatible cameras in the UK are Arlo. Previously I used to have my Nest and Samsung Smartcam integrated into the Classic App but I now have to use their native apps as they are no longer supported.

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Someone over at ioBroker and HA have cracked this and have access to a full feature set. I am not that savy to convert the code to Smartthings but hopefully someone here would be willing.

Then there is bad news…