Support for EUFY devices

Hi Folks, newbie on here, but have been using ST for a while. I’ve recently installed some EUFY security cameras but notice this brand does not appear to be supported currently. Has anybody else managed to get them working and/or does anyone know if there are plans to add this brand in the near future?

Many thanks


SmartThings published their API about 2 years ago, so now it is up to each device manufacturer to create and maintain a SmartThings integration should they choose to do so. So you should contact Eufy and tell them you would like to see one. :thinking:

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I’m in the process of selling all my eufy stuff due to their terrible support. They promised ifttt support during their first crowd funding campaign, it’s never happened years after that promise. They even promised the original floodlight cam would get integration with the home base, years later it still hasn’t happened. In other words, don’t build your hopes up for ST support.


What about other devices? door sensors, motion sensors?

Eufy, much like Waze and Govee are 2nd rate companies who imagine themselves as a first rate “platform” that they will never be and are inadvertantly holding themselves back by refusing to play with the big boys. It’s actually arrogance built upon stupidity.

Eufy is owned by Anker, who are doing pretty well as a company and have some well established products. As with any business, if they do anything it’s because it has some reasonable chance of a return on the investment. Much as this community may feel that SmartThings is a leading platform in the home automation space, in reality it’s niche compared to Alexa, Google Home and Homekit. Those platforms, whilst offering an inferior level of potential, are nonetheless in more people’s homes than anything else. Eufy are far more likely to see a return on the investment made in ensuring their products integrate with these platforms in that case. Hence why they are unlikely to want to dedicate time to integrating with anything else, which would be of lesser benefit to their business. It’s nothing to do with arrogance or stupidity, it’s just how businesses work.

Perhaps you should read up on Eufys latest scandal with their security cameras… shouldn’t be hard to find as it’s all over the internet.Seems Anker has a bit of a problem on it’s hands and seems like a plethora of arrogance and stupidity to me. :wink:

I never said that were incapable of doing anything arrogant or stupid, just that their decision not to devote effort to integrate with Smartthings was more likely to be based on a lack of opportunity for ROI.