Cheapest zwave/zigbee plug to monitor energy usage?

I have a smartthings zigbee plug that I started with, I later got a Lowes Iris plug and a generic Zwave plug that I believe is Enerwave(?)

They all work well for simple on/off functions.

The Lowes plug gives me the current energy usage, but it doesn’t keep a history like the smartthings plug.

The generic never seems to function well for actually setting automated on/off, and it doesn’t give me an energy usage readout either (maybe someone has a better device type they can recommend that might give me what I need?)

So now i’m on the hunt for more plugs, but I don’t really want to pay the higher price for the smartthings plugs. Does anyone have recommendations for plugs that work well and also provide energy usage information?

Does it need to be the small plug form factor?

The older generation Aeon labs works great, but it’s a bit larger.

You can get them for around $20. I have 4 of them and they work awesome. My washing machine is hooked up to one. It does keep historical usage and it can be reset within the device in the ST app.


I have a few Aeon z-ave plugs at home and they are pretty reliable. On sale quite often on Amazon.

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Lately, those plugs are hard to find at the lower prices.

Which is unfortunate. They are my favorite since they have a lead on both ends. The Iris and SmartThings work equally well with the right DHT. Actually I think I’m using the standard one for both brands now.

If you want historicals, you should set up something inside your network to properly collect/graph it.

Thank you, that’s exactly the type of thing I was looking for!

I’ve looked into this data visualization stuff off and on in the past, but have never set it up since it seemed like a bit of a process and I haven’t had the time yet.

For now, I’m just looking to be able to monitor stuff for the default 7 days within Smartthings.

If you need more of these, I am more than happy to sell you mine. I have 4, only 1 has been used others are unused. DISCLAIMER: it did not work with my SmartThings v2 Hub. It would turn On but never or rarely would turn Off. I have seen this issue logged by many other members as well as on Amazon reviews.

Still, if you are interested let me know!