ET-WV525 Internet Help

I Have 6 of the et-wv525 Routers. one as the main and the other 5 as remote/repeater hubs. 2 others are connected via ethernet and the other 3 are satelite (not hardwired). After setting this up it worked great! then after 10 days the network automatically optimizes and shuts off the internet on the 2 other hardwired devices. I got a new network switch, replaed cables and even hard reset and re-set up routers and still after 10 days it kills the connection to the hardwire connecton to hubs after optimization. if i go and remove ethernet and power from the two hardwired hubs it will reset and reconnect. but 10 days later same thing.
any ideas?

Strange. I have 3 sub hubs, one of which is hardwired. It’s been that way for over two years and has been on consistently since our last power outage several months ago. I’d open a case with support so they can look at the more detailed logs available to them.

Contact smart things support or plume?

I’d say start with ST, but you might get a quicker response from Plume.

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