Et-wv525 zwave Question

I have a decently large mesh router network. Ive been using smartthings for 7 years now and just ran into a question. I have 6 of the et-wv525 routers. Will the other 5 remote ones work as additional zwave hubs or just the original base station?
I’ve read and read but see conflicting information.
Thank you for your help

Only the primary is a Z-Wave hub. The other nodes work as Z-Wave repeaters.

Thank you. Can you tell me why it would take 25 seconds to reapond after sending a command then?
Ive tried deleting my whole network, and then starting it from scratch, and adding all devices again and still such a long delay.

When you say “…sending a command…”, do you mean changing something about a device in the mobile app? If so, keep in mind that the mobile app sends commands to the ST cloud and the cloud sends the commands to your hub and then to the devices. To isolate the issue, I think I would create a Routine that can execute locally on your hub (turn on/off something at a certain time or turn on/off based on the state of another physical/virtual device) and see if there is still a lag. If there isn’t, it’s something other than your Z-Wave network. If lag is still there, I would run a Z-Wave repair and see if there is some problem with your Z-Wave network (you could do this first I suppose).

Also, when adding your devices to your hub, if they support Z-Wave Plus and thus S2 security, be sure to pair them properly using either the QR code or by manually entering the DSK when prompted.

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All devices are zwave plus devices added via QR code. The lag/delay im talking about is specifically with light switches. I have 21 light switches and some of them when i turn them on with my phone are under 1 second. Others take 20 seconds to 60 seconds.
And they are within 10 feet of one of my repeater hubs.
I have ran the zwave repair and i get 4x unknown device unable to move.
My area covered is considerably larger than my other home but some switches are instant and others (right next to them) take much longer.
Thanks so much for your input!

The unknown devices concerns me as it could indicate your hub believes there are some devices that are part of your Z-Wave network that don’t really exist. Did you have any failed attempts to pair a device(s) that you then successfully added on a subsequent attempt? That can leave “ghost” devices in hub, but those generally are cleaned up by the hub at some point. Also, check the Advanced Web App and verify that there are no unrecognized devices listed. If there are, you can delete them from the AWA. Also, do those unknown devices show a network ID in the repair output?

In the AWA is there a way for me to tell if the other 5 sub hubs are functioning as z wave sub hubs?
Thanks for your help!

They act as Z-Wave repeaters and are not nodes on the network so they don’t show up in the device list. In the old IDE we used to be able to see the route a Z-Wave device would take to get to the hub and you would see them listed if a device’s route went through one. There is no way in the AWA yet to see the route. The only way I know of right now is to change a device’s Edge driver to the Z-Wave Explorer driver which provides detailed Z-Wave info for a device. Only thing about doing that is that if a device is used in a Routine, it will be removed from the Routine since the Z-Wave Explorer driver won’t have the same capabilities defined.