ESP-now 'one-to-many' network with smartthings

Hi everyone,

I’m planning on installing a few relays around my house which will be controlled by ESP8266s (4 relays per ESP), and these ESP will be connected to one central esp8266, which would be the only one connecting to the internet, is it possible to integrate them with smartthings, with each relay showing up as a seperate light or appliance in the smart things app.

Pardon me if this sounds a wacky question, this is my first time working with iot and automation stuff, please bear me.

Thanks in advance

Do you have a ST hub? If so, install Tasmota firmware on each device and use their Edge driver. They will be local (connected to the same network as your hub) so no internet connection required.


If you only need 4 relays this might be easier since it’s Zigbee:


Thanks for replying, but I don’t have a ST hub,

just curious why do you choose Smartthings as the platform? There are more examples of Alexa and ESP on the Internet