Error integrating FEIT throuth Tuya

I am attempting to connect my FEIT Electric devices to ST; when I select FEIT through the Tuya Smart partner device and complete the required logins and verifications, I am presented with an ‘authorize’ page. When I click to authorize, I am taken to the Smartthings home page through an embedded browser. I opened it in Firefox and was able to copy the URL which has an error code and a redirect:

Reopening the app and going into linked services shows Tuya Smart as connected and in ‘My Home’ but doesn’t have any of my devices and instead only has a device ‘Windows’ (no room assigned’ and no usage history.

  1. What type of devices are you trying to connect o ST?

  2. Open the devices in Feit App. Click on 3 dots or pencil in upper right corner. On new page 3rd party integrations should be listed. You will probably see Alexa and Google Assistant. If you get lucky you will see SmartThings (ST). If ST is not listed there is no integration. There are some work arounds.

  3. Try linking the systems using the ST app. Add device (+) > partner devices > Tuya.

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  1. My post clearly details that this is about app integrations. My FEIT lights are connected to their app. ST has a partner service for Tuya, including FEIT Electric as an option. The connection is failing.

  2. My FEIT integrations with Alexa and Google Assistant are fine. FEIT doesn’t have any ST-facing integrations. The connectivity I am attempting to use is detailed above and in my previous post.

  3. I DID. That’s what I am saying didn’t work completely. After being presented with an authorization button and interacting with it, I am redirected to the above URL with the embedded error codes.

The Feit integration is a Tuya playform integration. The Tuya integration with ST is far from complete. I would venture to say that most older devices are not covered by this integration. Newer devices are more likely to be included.

If your devices don’t show a ST integration as I outlined in step 2 above it is time to look at using a Work Around.

The integration is at the account level, but only some model devices are included. That’s a decision on the part of Tuya. By the way, this is true of almost all third-party integrations with smartthings. Only some models and some features are included in the integration, even for major partnerships like ring, hue, and Arlo. :man_shrugging:t2: