Error 503 when trying to remove a device via the IDE


Things have been going crazy here. Door sensors, dimmers, and bulbs are suddenly unavailable, seemingly at random. I’m trying to delete and re-add them, but for some of them I’m getting “Invalid http status code returned: 503” when trying to delete a device from the IDE.

Any ideas?

(Alan) #2

Highly recommend subscribing to the status updates.

North American Outage Subscribe
Update - Some North American users may be experiencing issues with missed scheduled events and with device control. Our engineers are actively investigating.
Apr 13, 19:13 EDT
Investigating - Scheduled events for some North American users are currently not processing which may result in missed events. Our engineers are actively investigating.
Apr 13, 18:35 EDT

CoRE - Get peer assistance here with setting up Pistons

Aha, thanks. I guess this explain why zero of my CoRE Pistons are working also. (Or does it? Asking over there now)

(Christopher Filip) #4

The answer to your question is yes.