Smart Things app failing, and can't reach IDE but says all is fine

Are others having issues ?

My app says I am having network issues which I am not and says 503. says all is fine.

EDIT: Guess I am faster than the site…It’s reporting issues now :slight_smile:

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Several threads running on this. Start a ticket through support…

Same here.

Yes. Many of us are down.

Had to happen in the middle of me having issues with my EERO mesh network. I just resolved issues with EERO support for several hours and now ST is out…Dam I really need to go back to paper and pen and forget this whole internet thing.

Just posted an ‘Investigating’ email.

North American Outage


The status has now been updated.

Investigating - Some North American users may be experiencing issues with device control, loading the mobile app, and SmartApp execution at this time. The engineering team is working on the issue and we will provide an update shortly.

Dec 10, 22:58 EST

samsung has to step-up the stability of their platform, i am taking this time to setup the Hub to run locally…