Err 116: Got CRC-16 encapsulated command with bad checksum

Was screening my hub for events following today’s firmware update and I noticed this error. Does anyone know what this is about? @slagle , @Aaron ?

@tpmanley @duncan

Any ideas?

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It’s a Z wave error message, just means a corrupted packet, but I don’t think we as customers have the tools to track it down. If it always has the same device ID, try removing that device from the network and see if that fixes it. But if you’re getting it from multiple device IDs, that’s a different kind of problem. You’d need to talk to support.

Also Just to be sure – – you don’t have any secondary Z wave controllers on your network, do you? Did you try to link your abode and smartthings networks?

I know there have been some problems reported in the past with secondary controllers when there was a hub update.

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No secondary controllers. I have not done anything in the past few days.

Reached out to support and they are ‘checking’ on it. I don’t seem to have any zwave issues, and the repair finished successfully.

Hmmm, I checked the thread you mentioned. I remember when @Fuzzyligic was going through that. I wonder if the Sonos ghost is playing with me. Still don’t seem to have any problems with any of the switches. Time will tell if it was just a fluke. @Fuzzyligic did you get it straight?

I noticed the same errors as soon as I migrated to hub v2 last year. I finally was able to narrow it down to my Fibaro motion sensor which the kids had once knocked off the wall, leaving me to put the small pieces back together again. After determining that was the device flooding with 116 errors, I re-put-it-back-together and just about eliminated the errors. I still see errors spam 4 or 5 in a row over about a second, but not every day. Before I pieced it back together it was flooding dozens or hundreds of 116 errors per day.

Where were you seeing these events? In the hub event history? Looks like mine may have been some sort of one time event. Keep fingers crossed. I didn’t get another error, and everything seems to be running normal.

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Yes I was receiving 10s of thousands of these per day however I still haven’t fixed these 100%. But I did find a single device that was emptying more than others so I excluded/included however removing my Sonos players had a big impact on reducing the numbers also.

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Oh wow, that would drive me insane…

yup welcome to my ST experience

For what it is worth I noticed these with errors as well. I was able to track it down to my Fibaro motion sensors reporting the lux value. I had set it to report the lux value too often and once I turned it down a bit the errors decreased. I still get 1 or 2 a day but much better than 50 or 60.

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Interesting, I do have Fibaro sensors too. Thanks for the pointer.

Here are the settings that I am using. Hope it helps.

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