Envisalink/Alarm Server vs konnected

I have an old (un-monitored) DSC alarm system with 6 zones that I’ve currently had linked to smartthings for a couple years with an Envisalink board and the alarm sever software. overall no issues, works well. Came across the konnected product the other day. being able to streamline everything, and get rid of most of the old DSC setup appeals to me. One of my zones is wireless, so I’d have to get a regular z-wave sensor for that. Anyone here moved from Envisalink/Alarm Server to konnected? Pros/cons?

Or, if it ain’t broke, maybe i shouldn’t fix it?


I had the same DSC system installed in my house 3 years ago (except for the wireless zone). I used Envisalink for a couple of years. It performed well. I had the PC1616 keypads and really did not like them. I decided to replace them with Amazon Fire HD pads. In the process of converting to the Fire pads my DSC board fried. I don’t think that I had anything to do with that. But it was ironic that I had just decided to switch to the Konnected system. There are several pros and cons to Envisalink vs. Konnected. A quick search here will give you plenty to read. For me (and opinions will vary), I found it much easier to get my Konnected system up and running and fully integrated into ST versus the process to get Envisalink integrated into ST (see this post).

I love my Konnected system with the Fire HD pads. I use Webcore to accomplish lots of things with my alarm system that I just could not do before. Nate Clark is the owner of Konnected. He and the Konnected community are very helpful.

My wife will tell you that I am ALWAYS breaking things that already worked correctly. :smile:

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I had a similar dilemma and here is what I ended up doing.

I have not personally moved off the Envisalink system but my DSC system is still actively working great and is still professionally monitored. I got the Envisalink purely to have the existing system 1) available to be controlled from the Eyes-On app and 2) being able to fully integrate it into SmartThings and SHM (My key requirement was I needed it to still be fully functional as a stand-alone monitored alarm system but also able to be fully integrated with SmartThings and most importantly be synchronized between the physical panel and SmartThings (e.g.: if I arm at the keypad, SmartThings also shows it as armed and vice-versa)

When I recently researched the Konnected options I noted two options: 1) the interface kit and 2) to conversion kit.

The interface kit appears like it tried to mirror what Envisalink does but accomplishes it basically by tapping existing alarm sensors, but doesn’t integrate with the existing panel, pull status etc. Envisalink wins that one hands down as with konnected interface you’ll basically have two separate and isolated ‘alarm systems’ sharing the same sensors. I’m failing to understand that use-case but I’m sure it’s out there.

The conversion kit on the other hand is compelling ‘IF’ you want to execute a wholesale replacement and decommission of your existing panel but need or want to reuse your existing hardwired sensors.

My problem is while I like SmartThings, I’m not fully prepared to trust my security system exclusively to SmartThings and it’s sensors and replace my UL keypads with an Android tablet or two - Too many failure points in my opinion where the DSC equipment is pretty darn hardy.

What I did was executed a nice upgrade and expansion: The first thing I did was add the Envisalink board which got me the internet control capability through Eyez-On and using Alarmserver I got SmartThings integration. The next thing I did was had my alarm company de-merge my zones. When my system was installed, the installer combined doors and windows and my motion sensors into a total of 6 zones. I had my alarm company add a zone expander board and split all the sensors into individual zones. That gave me 13 separate sensor zones (11 door/window and 2 motion) that I now have individual control over but also can be integrated and individually used/automated in SmartThings. The final upgrade was replacing my two old keypads with the DSC PTK5507 touchscreen keypads which by itself felt like moving from 1980 to 2010 (and as long as you are comfortable and careful, you can install/replace the existing keypad yourself).

Having the alarm company rewire the zones and the zone expander board cost me $165.00 and I scored the touchscreen keypads off eBay for about $100 each. Note that I did not have the installer code but since the alarm guy was redoing all the zones anyway, he reset the system and set it all back up clean - and gave me the installer code.

Benefits: I have a fully up-to-date alarm system that still uses wired zones (too many vulnerabilities with the current wireless stuff right now), with touch screen keypads, fully monitor-able by a UL listed monitoring facility, I have remote access to the system through both the Eyez-On app and SmartThings and full integration with SHM and all components are completely operable independently from each interface (physical keypad, Eyez-On app or SmartThings) but is fully and in real-time completely synced across all three. Plus I’m still only paying my standard monthly monitoring fee from the alarm company.

It sounds like you have answered your original question. From your description, you have a fully functional, integrated system that works well for your needs. It does not sound like you need to move to Konnected.

I as well have the EVL-4 with professional monitoring. Don’t you lose this with the alternative? Been working fine for a couple of years. I’m a strong believer of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


I’ve have the same dilemma. I want to have: 1) a system that runs in parallel with my professionally monitored security system; 2) access within smartthings: 3) the ability to arm and disarm remotely; and 4) the ability to know the current status of the alarm system. After some digging, I ran across this video (I linked to the time spot the creator starts talking about it). This is also a nice detailed instruction guide.

After going back and forth, I will probably give the Konnected Interface a try. I feel that if I went the alarmserver route, I would have another “middleman” in the process.

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I have never had this system monitored in the 15 years I’ve lived here, came with the house. So I could care less. Konnected seems like a great way to streamline the setup and eliminate some failure points, but the ‘if it ain’t broke’ thing is always a consideration…

As kludgy/hacky hacky as alarmserver is, it’s also been reliable, as long as the PC running it isn’t in the middle of a Windows update restart…

With Konnected, each module only supports 6 Zones. You also have to hard wire each Zone.

With Envisalink, you just need to wire in the module and it will support up to 64 Zones.

Both work great.

Yup, I have 6 zones exactly, although one door sensor is wireless, so it would have to be replaced by a z-wave or zigbee sensor.

I will say this, Konnected’s advertising is working well. Didn’t even know it existed until it’s ad showed on on my Facebook feed on mobile. :joy:

That’s a good way to look at things. Since I am starting fresh, I just want to keep the redundancy’s to a minimum (helps to eliminate points of failure).

Price wise, they end up about the same (after I end up getting a raspberry pi to run alarm server). I have more than 6 zones so I will have to purchase the expansion.

Installation wise, envisalink looks to be the easiest solution to setup initially. I think any time I save on installation will goes towards configuring alarmserver. I am going to wait until the weekend to think this over…

for me alarm server was a challenge to setup. But I’m not one that is good with the ‘code’ end of things. In the end I got it running, and it’s been fine ever since - but it took some time for me to get it right.

I already have a couple of RPi running dedicated servers. I was very new to the Pi when I set them up. But they were quite complicated to set up initially. I am a modest tech geek (build my own computers and the like) with a computer science degree from back in the dark ages of assembly language. So I am comfortable around electronics, software, hardware, programming…getting my Konnected system set up was a breeze. I did not like the idea of having another Pi running alarmserver. Your mileage may vary…

Hey guys!

I created a SmartThings device handler that integrates nicely with EnvisaLink/Eyez-On and allows you to automate the arming/disarming of your alarm system via SmartThings routines, Alexa, etc. It’s super easy/quick to setup and doesn’t require any additional hardware beyond your EnvisaLink and SmartThings hub. I’ve been test driving it myself for several months now and it’s been working wonderfully.

You can find the project here: https://github.com/vadim-bach/EyezOn-SmartThings-Switch. I’m hoping you guys will benefit from it as much as I have. Enjoy and let me know what you think!