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Hi, I need a bit of a creative solution. I now have my ST working well as a home alarm system. Until such time as multi user accounts is sorted I have persuaded my wife to take the presence sensor on her keys, so not perfect, but works.

My challenge is that we are going away for a month and my neighbour is going to pop in occasionally whilst away to check the post, water plants etc. I obviously can’t leave the sensor with him or the alarm will never go into away mode. He is also not that tech savvy, so need a easy solution which will allow him to go in without tripping the alarm.

If you have a smart lock you can change mode and turn the alarm off when the door is unlocked. And then re arm when the door locks again. Just make sure you tell him to not lock the door behind him when he enters :wink:

Another option would be the neighbor could use a minimote to arm/disarm.

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Yeh think a minimote might be the right option.A bit cheaper than a smart lock!

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I recently bought a minimote. Very happy with it.

I have another suggestion as well - Add a text notification to the neighbor for when the routines run - so he will know that it is safe to enter or that the alarm did re arm when he is leaving. Otherwise there is not feedback for him to know if the trigger worked.


Or the Lowes IRIS new keypad works with ST now $40. Been using it and it works well. So I now have a real working alarm.

Check out.

Keypadd device and app


But since there is no delay option on SHM intruder how are you bypassing the door’s contact sensor for entry and exit?

Or are you taking the keypad with you?

Sorry should have added I had problems with SHM not wanting to disarm so it was always going off so the alarm part of that is not set up(I just unchecked my sensors). I’m using the Smart Alarm app and routines to arm and disarm. It has built in delays and a bunch of features.

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Great idea, but I am based in the UK, and I can’t see a version that works over here yet.

It’s zigbee based so it has the same frequency in US/UK. You can go on Ebay and pick up a Centralite 3400X keypad (it’s made for xfinity) which is essentially the same thing in a different body. The one issue currently is that there is a bug in the Android app that won’t allow you to install the SmartApp so you need to use an iOS device to set it up.

I’m not at all sure it’s legal to operate the iris keypad device in the UK. It can’t be ordered from Lowe’s for UK delivery.

Although zigbee is the same frequency all over the world, there are local restrictions on the amount of signal power any one device can put out.

The EU power ceilings are about half that of the US. I believe this is the reason why it is not legal To operate the SmartThings thingshield into the UK.

Unless the device has a CE certification mark on the back of it, even if it is zigbee, it may not be legal for the UK.

This is the back of the Centralite 3400-X, no CE marking, I would assume it would be the same for the Lowes keypad but I’m not sure.

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You can follow this thread for UK specific discussion on keypads: