Entering Harmony Credentials

I accidently logged out of the Harmony Connect smart app. When I click “Click to enter Harmony Credentials” A page opens that reads “Sorry, you’re not authored to view this page.” and my only option is to click done.

On the main Harmony Connect smart app page it will allow me to select next and add SmartThings devices to Harmony.

How do I reauthorize Harmony so that I can access my Harmony activities in SmartThings?

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Thanks j… that’s a new one… let me take a look…

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I’m trying to repro on a dummy account with a spare harmony but wont be able to do it until later.

Considering it’s already broken, what do you think about deleting the Harmony Connect smartapp and starting the setup over (I wouldn’t recommend if it were working of course…) from the Harmony side from scratch?

Can you set up a new Harmony/SmartThings connection? I was under the impression that if you didn’t already have them linked you could not add the smart app any longer.

You have to add it from the Harmony side first, using their instructions to connect to SmartThings. ( Harmony and SmartThings (myharmony.com)) Their process adds the smartapp in your account (this is the only way I know to get it… and when that goes away we’re all hosed) THEN you go into the newly added smartapp and finish the configuration as you were trying to do - BUT it should have the initial auth completed.

Yesterday afternoon it let me log back in. It was a little laggy and took a couple tries but it worked. Thanks for helping.

Hopefully Harmony hangs around until something better comes along.

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Yeah no kidding - I was LESS THAN ENTHUSIASTIC about their announcement.