Can't link Smartthings with Harmony Hub

Trying to connect to Harmony hub from the ST app, and after I try to set harmony credentials, it just keeps failing login (I selected email, and the screen says to login to my “logitech” account… but I don’t even have one that I know of.

Regardless, entering my email and password just gives me access denied. I’ve removed and readded the smartapp, etc.

Any ideas?

I’m gonna throw the thing against the wall if I’m stuck having to listen to a 5 minute dissertation from google home every time I ask it to turn up the TV volume. :slight_smile:

When you set up your hub with the Harmony app, it would have required you to set up an logitech account. If, by chance, you set it up using your Google account, you would need to switch it to an email address login. If you forgot your password, here is the harmony support page detailing how to reset it. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, but no luck with that crazy convoluted process to reset a password either. I long press my account, it says “if you do this you’ll have to login in again”… but nope… still just logs me in automatically no matter what.

This is ridiculous. :slight_smile:


Was finally able to git er done with the desktop app.