Any reason to get a door sensor with a Kwikset 914/916?

Getting a new door and lockset installed today. Is there any value to an additional door sensor or does the Kwikset cover anything it would?

The door sensor will tell you if the actual door has been opened and closed. Native ST smartapps can lock a door automatically after it has been opened after X minutes, however, you can find custom smartapps that can lock a door if it’s been unlocked after X minutes too. I have a door sensor on both of my doors with the 914’s as the Dasboard Locks and Doors is complete with both the locks and sensor as well.


I like the sensors on the doors. At a friends house, he saved some money by not having the sensors, but the doors lock when the door is open on nice summer days, then you just have to remember to unlock the door before you close it to avoid a cringe-inducing bounce off the door frame.

The sensors allow you to program the door to only auto lock when the door is actually shut, and that way you never have to worry about closing the door with the lock deployed.

If that doesn’t bother you though, just leave the sensors out of the mix!

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I have issues when the doors are locked manually from the inside, but it’s still reported to be unlocked. The door sensors are the only way for me to be alerted if the door is opened.

Yeah, I think the bottom line is that, to the best of my knowledge, the current locks can only report its own state (locked/unlocked), and does so whether the door is closed or not. I’m actually a little surprised that locks with an autolock feature don’t include such a sensor, for the reason mentioned by @ethayer.