Smart App (Enhanced Auto Lock Door)

(Henry) #1

I am trying to setup the Enhanced Auto Lock Door.

Basically I want to set it to auto-lock after 10 minutes of the door being closed.

However i noticed there is an option for auto-unlock. I do not what to use the auto-unlock feature. What do I put in this field? Pics attached

(Henry) #2

bump… Does anyone know?

(Jimmy) #3

Why would the lock the locked when the door is open? Doesn’t really make sense unless someone manually extends the deadbolt while the door is open.


That sounds like a terrible, or terribly worded, smartapp.

(Jake) #5

Did anyone ever figure this out? I don’t understand why I’d want to unlock the door when it’s open either…


I understad it is the delayed time, recorded in seconds, that occurs when door is closed before the door automatically engages door bolts.