Smart App (Enhanced Auto Lock Door)

I am trying to setup the Enhanced Auto Lock Door.

Basically I want to set it to auto-lock after 10 minutes of the door being closed.

However i noticed there is an option for auto-unlock. I do not what to use the auto-unlock feature. What do I put in this field? Pics attached

bump… Does anyone know?

Why would the lock the locked when the door is open? Doesn’t really make sense unless someone manually extends the deadbolt while the door is open.

That sounds like a terrible, or terribly worded, smartapp.

Did anyone ever figure this out? I don’t understand why I’d want to unlock the door when it’s open either…

I understad it is the delayed time, recorded in seconds, that occurs when door is closed before the door automatically engages door bolts.

I recently had my sensor battery die which sets it to an “open status” it caused this smartapp to automatically unlock my door because of the “Automatically unlock the door when open” setting (which cannot be disabled). This is a huge security issue if the battery ever dies as your lock will automatically unlock itself.

I think I resolved it by entering “630720000” into the “Delay (in seconds):” box which is 20 years in seconds

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Haha. I was wondering if anyone did that, so I went looking and here you are friend. Exactly what I wanted to see working for someone else. Thanks, bud.