Enerwave ZWN-BPC Z-wave Ceiling Mounted, Battery Powered PIR Sensor

Can’t tell you how many times I did your steps.

Haven’t tried these things yet and will:

  1. Short delaybetween. I’ve tried 0, 1000, and 2000, but not 100 or 200.
  2. Including the sensor while far away from hub. I’ve been with 15’. This doesn’t make sense to me, UNLESS the delay being further from the hub helps, OR the command sequence is important and one gets in before the other.

I’m going to try to “rescue” this one sensor in the interest of a robust devicetype, but will have to give up at some point and call it dead and return. Here’s hoping…

I will confess I used the Aeon Minimote for all my inclusions/exclusions – just faster to use, and I like the feedback on the remote lights. And I used my code base – I have a MSR handler, and I’d watch for that report in the live logging when I did the inclusion to know the process worked.

As long as the unit was reporting battery info when you reseated the batteries, then I was able to run the config button/config app tandem to get the motion unstuck every time. But I usually had to wait at least 1-2 motion timeout cycles before it settled down and turned off.

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Just set up another one of these and had the constant motion report. After a cpl of retrys I used the app’s Z-Wave Utilities to remove it. Repaired w/o a problem and working fine.

Is it possible that this line in the manual is an issue? Has anyone installed more than a couple of these?

“ZWN-BPC only supports one group with 5 nodes association”. I tried group 2 and 3, in case it needed to be cleared. No go.

I also don’t get a mfr response on this particular motion. My other two work fine. I think I have a dud.

I did wonder about the association, but can’t believe that setup is an issue since many of the inclusions have worked for others.

MFR response: Try removing the delayBetween time (use default), and then exclude the device and power the cycle the router, then try adding again.

I did exactly what you listed including the reboot (first for my hub since I installed it). Nothing. Is there a true factory reset for these or is it only exclude that resets the device?

I think “association” here refers to “direct zwave control” and not inclusion/exclusion.

You can have enerwave motion sensors directly control other devices, but it only can control one group of at most 5 devices.

This is in contrast to linear aux switches which can control multiple groups of devices. the way the linear aux controls groups is this, the first group is triggered instantly, then there is a pause, then the next group is triggered and then there is a pause, and then the next group is triggered etc.

to eliminate trigger delays or missed triggers using the V1 hub I had set up my enerwave motion sensors to directly control my lights. But I no longer need this with the V2 hub and local processing.

For example, I was experiencing trigger delays late at night in the first room in the house going from the garage into the house leaving me and or my wife in the dark wondering if the lights would ever go on.

Enabling the motion sensor to directly control the light eliminated any delay.

with the v2 hub I did not need to do this, lights are now triggered with no delay every time:

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Battery always reports 100%. What does that mean?

Does anyone else see a battery report for this device with a value other than 100%?

Only 100% so far on mine too. Really nice batteries supplied with them was my thought. Energizer lithium.

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Do I have to do anything to get the timeout config to take? I just started plugging in some motions and haven’t had to change the timeout on anything yet.

Try pulling the batteries on the unit before including it again. I’d also pull the batteries before running the config button/config app tandem. If the unit is salvageable, you should see battery reports in the live logging.

Battery status is showing up. Device is working mostly, but specifically do I only have to chamber the parameter in identifying for timeout? Or press the button on the back of unit and configure button in app after idea change?

Yes, you’ll need to hit the config button on the back of the unit, make sure the green LED is on, and quickly hit the ‘Config’ button in the smartphone app. The green LED should still be on for about another 1-2 seconds after hitting the ‘Config’ button in the app – that will indicate the config went through. It might take 2-3 motion on/off cycles before the unit settles and starts using the new timeout.

Just to confirm, does anyone see anything other than 100% on the battery status?

Mine have been reading 100% battery for months.

The manual is incorrect. This functionality was removed from the switches several years ago.


What part has changed? When a year ago or 2 months ago? Not sure what you mean.

The linear switches I have perform 3 way wirelessly, they do not use traveler wires.

Have they been changed to use traveler wires?

The last one I purchased new from Amazon in March, so around 8 or 9 months ago


They are able to control one association group, not the three (or is it four?) that is advertised in the manual. You can’t ‘double tap’ and have the on command sent to a separate group of lights.

I was trying to make the change in the IDE and couldn’t get it to go through. When I clicked edit device in the app I saw a new spot where the 1 minute timeout from the IDE had gone… But the editable one was 5 so I changed this then did the config step and everything seems to be working great. This was probably due switching from one smartapp to another, I really should have deleted the current device type i was using, then created a new one.

Thanks for the help.

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That would have been cool! A hardware double tab to initiate other association groups!

No that is not what I saw, what I saw was that it would cycle through the association groups automatically with a delay between them.

I am not sure what the use case would be for this, why would anyone want more than 1 association group that is called automatically after a delay of several seconds?

To this day, despite knowing otherwise, the manual still says this is the case.

I bought a bucket load for this functionality. Currently working with Linear to resolve the financial side.

Anyhow, my use case was
Single Tap — connected light
Double Tap — room curtain open/close
Triple Tap — all lights in room + attached bathroom off