Energy monitoring in app

Energy monitoring in the life section of the smartthings app i take it this is just for samsung appliances as its not picking up any energy monitoring smart plugs i have are am i missing something.

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Your not missing anything, the energy app does not pick up any smart plugs, smartthings branded or not, it also does not read Samsung Tvs, pretty sure it only shows some white goods, some Ac units and a hit and miss at in home smart meters

It also does not allow for standing charges if used in specific countries or Gas

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which renders the app useless.

there is whole tab that nobody really uses as Samsung is publishing half-baked apps there that don’t work even with Samsung appliances in a given county

however the app itself is so slow

it’s easier to use any 3rd party assistant. So I don’t even bother to open it most of the time.

Yup, pretty much useless, we have an ST washing machine that shows its energy useage, i do not believe for a second its accurate

I also have my electric readings in it but without standing charges the accuracy is way off

So yeah… its more of a PR app than a useful addition

My frig shows up…