Energy monitoring capabilities with GE 45856GE ZigBee In-Wall switch

I recently purchased SmartThings along with a GE 45856GE ZigBee In-Wall On/Off Smart Switch with Energy Monitoring and HA1.2 Certification. While SmartThings app provides real-time energy consumption in watts for the switch, it lacks any reporting capabilities.

The “Dashboard” feature of the SmartThings app seems like a logical place to display a graph of energy consumption along with estimated cost based on kilowatt hours consumed.

Is this sort of functionality planned? Are there any third party SmartThings applications that can provide this functionality?


I think you’re taking the word “reporting” too literally. You won’t get reporting in the sense of a “report” over a period of time, or a data set that you can mine and analyze. The device will “report” a value, which typically just ends up displayed in the mobile app and the event log, and with that you can use SmartApps to capture that value and do all sorts of things - including logging those values to a third party solution. Now after saying that, some device handlers do have graphing capabilities, but I’m not familiar enough with them to provide much help.

Planned by ST? It’s anyone’s guess. I’d prefer they focus on stability first. There are third party solutions available and discussed in detail in the Community. I use to log data from certain devices to Google Sheets, but I never had the time later to do anything with it, so I stopped. Here are some solutions:

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I found a solution for monitoring energy usage. You can find instructions here:

Yup, a few discussions already going on about it.